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4 Reasons Why You Should Be Getting Solar Panels for Your Home

You are not alone. It is hard for business owners or even regular households to carry on with their work if there are power disruptions or fluctuations. The usual result could lead to half-done work or services and can incur a considerable hassle. So how do you deal with these kinds of situations? We might just have the right solution for you. Besides, you would not want to be losing because of the same issue, would you?

The Benefits of Solar Panels

Ever thought about whether the benefits of solar panel systems could exceed the costs?

Need some more convincing? Below are four reasons why you should be getting a solar panel for your home or your business.

1. Install Solar Panels and Save thousands of dollars
The data on a current study showed that homeowners save an average of $44 to $187 per month in the first year of having alternative energy panels. That is like $528 to $2,244 every year! At some point, your system could pay for itself within the next five years and carry on saving you money on your utility bills for many years to come. In some local businesses, the average cost savings even reaches more than $20,000 over two decades.

The interest in installing this alternative, sustainable source has been building since it was first introduced to the public. As a matter of fact, solar panel installations rose 70 percent in 2015 over the previous year; while costs have gone down 73 percent since 2006.

2. Invest in your home and business
The average solar power system uses 3,600 watts, which means you can predict an additional $4 in home resale value per watt. Considering that the cost per watt right now costs around $3, and is projected to rise some more in the future, solar energy will proceed to be a great investment for your home and business.

3. Lower your energy reliance
Generators can break down, fossil fuels can run out, and utility providers can disintegrate. The sun, on the other hand, is not going anywhere anytime soon. The sun gives off roughly 4 million tonnes of energy a second, and we only utilise 0.0001% of it. Our solar panels require only a minimal piece of that solar energy to power your home.

4. Help save the environment
A single solar system installation counteracts 178 tonnes of carbon dioxide over 30 years, which is equivalent to planting ten football fields full of trees. However, this may seem not much until you contrast it to the devastating global warming effects of our energy which is presently dependent on electricity generated by coal and oil. Solar panels utilise the energy that is currently existing and does not harm the environment.

Now you might ask yourself, “How do I get my hands on these?”

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Start taking advantage of these solar power systems benefits today. To compute how much solar panels could save you, you can use a solar cost calculator. The calculator can show you what your 25-year return on investment could be, and even the installation’s break-even point.

Solar Panels – Three Things You Need To Know

Life Expectancy of Solar Photovoltaic Panels

You’ve bought into the idea of generating electricity through solar means, so now what? Naturally, any homeowner or business interested in photovoltaic power wants to know how long these panels will actually last. Since solar modules have no moving parts, they actually can last a pretty long time. Typically, solar panel manufacturers issue a 20 or 25 year warranty on panels, but most installers say they can endure more than 40 years with proper care.

Andy Black, one of the leading solar financial analysis experts and instructor, recently published his report on the lifespan of solar panels. His analysis showed that the first solar panels manufactured about 40 years ago are still creating power at about 80% of their original power. From that study combined with his other analysis, he concluded that most solar panels will lose about a half percent a year in efficiency.

This new information should affect how homeowners and businesses analyze a solar investment. If you spread the investment over 30 years (or 40 years) rather than 20 years, the return on investment is much more substantial. Thereby, those who investment in solar power can feel more secure that they are making the right decision.

Although the solar array on your home will likely not be worth as much as new panels with the same wattage in 25 years, it should have paid itself off many times over and will still be producing free power for your home. There is no reason to buy new panels if the ones you already have are still producing enough power for your needs.

Five Things to Keep in Mind Before Hiring Solar Panels Help

Home Solar Panels

Home solar panels are the desirable solution for anyone willing to substitute the polluting energy created by fuel-supplied energy plants with green and renewable source of energy. They have the ability to change sun energy to electrical energy and give the best outcome if not put under full sun daily. Nowadays changing them has become much easier. Home solar panels can provide all the energy and heat requirements in your house and provide some to other users. They are best installed on the roof of the house or built in the roof in the course of the construction of the house.

Home solar panels can either turn sunlight into electricity or hot water. However, if your home solar panels are used to produce electricity, they cannot heat water or the air in your house. They should work well both in summer and in winter, although, in some instances, you may have to change the position of the panels. These changes should be included in the technical features in the installation instruction manual you get on buying the home solar panels.

Home solar panels are smaller and inexpensive nowadays, while the rewards have grown exceedingly. Installation of home solar energy systems has become its own licensed specialty performed by licensed home solar contractors. These solar panels are the most consistent source of harvesting energy for residential solar power generation, doing better than the solar cells of previous decades. Marine and RV solar panels and specialty items, such as Powerflex flexible and portable solar panels, are also available.

Questions like how much energy you use in your home and what appliances or areas you want to power with your home solar panels have to be well thought-out before home solar panels are installed. You will require less home solar panels to collect the necessary energy if the sun is shining often. Still, if you have enough panels you can power your home from the sun anyway from where you live.

Home solar panels are generally designed for high voltage grid-connected systems, although they can be used for battery-based systems too. Because of the cost of batteries for solar panel systems, the controller has become quite useful. Batteries can only save an individual percentage of the energy created by your solar array, so you will save more energy if your utility company uses it.

Conventional voltages are more sensible purely because they are standard, which makes compatibility into the future more guaranteed. Always check with your local authority concerning planning issues before you have a system put in. Some local authorities call for planning consent to allow you to fit a PV system, mainly in conservation areas or on listed buildings. The positive aspect to this system is eliminating the need, expense and hassle of a bank of batteries but the negative is that you have no store of energy should there be a blackout.

Conductive energy collection grids are silk-screened on to the outside of these wafers and a solar cell is produced. Solar panels that use single crystalline solar cells offer among the record efficiencies obtainable on today’s commercial market. Great for power outages and life outside the power grid.

Do-it-yourself instructions for building a low-cost, high-output home solar panels [] system simply written and with great illustrations are available here. Construct your own home solar panels []: generate electricity from the sun.

DIY vs. Professional Solar Panels

Go Solar With Home Solar Panels

Thousands of dollars can be saved each year by generating renewable and free energy. Home Solar panels can save a great deal of money with the down turn in economy. Sun is the only way to achieve thermal energy and this energy will cost you no amount at all. You can convert this energy to run the appliances rather than using the electrical energy that cost high in the monthly budget. These panels can be made in different sizes depending on the consumption of energy and requirements. Solar energy can be trapped and converted into a reliable source to run some of the domestic appliances which will reduce the consumption of electrical energy.

This process can be carried out with the help of various sun panels. These sun panels consist of many solar cells that act together with some semi-conductors. They create a huge area of p-n junction in diode. When sunlight or solar energy comes in contact with these solar cells it results in production of electrical energy. This energy is capable to run some equipment such as geyser, mixer, heater etc. This gives a drastic fall in monthly electricity bill.

Instead of purchasing expensive large Solar panels you can purchase DIY kits that are affordable and make less investment. If a person is efficient enough it is possible to assemble a kit by own, this gives even lesser investment. Keeping few basic tools handy will give a great help to fix the panel. Generally the kits include all the things that are needed for installation. The DIY kits has all the minute things such as screws, poles, bolts, solder, solder gun, meters, plywood and a manual book that consists all the instructions. These manuals are easy to understand and can be followed with ease.

90% expenses for the electricity can be saved with the installation of home solar panels. If you install multiple DIY sun panels you can completely go off the electrical grid. There is remarkable saving on the bill that can be noticed within the first week of installation. This gesture will be helpful for the ecosystem. Fixing a home solar panel is a great fun when done with great interest. You will not only enjoy doing it but you will be benefitted in many ways. You will also contribute to lessen the problem on global warming.

Once if it is decided to install the solar panel the first thing is to make research and know the best deals that are available. Many guides are available that requires very small investments. They include manuals that are written by the professionals and experts so that there are more benefits with panels. While ordering home solar panels you may need to confirm the package and the material included. It is possible that you may get more panels than required or it may be the small kit. It may differ than the one you ordered and paid for. Choose the company that is locally situated so that if there is any problem while installation concerned person can be contacted.

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